Top 50 Favorite/Best Classical – #45 Webber Evita

In our current day, we consider classical music as “old” music, not, you know, rock, or jazz, or rap, or hip-hop, etc. So no songs, right? Well, what about Schubert’s hundreds of songs? Well, they’re “art songs” and thus “classical.” Under the “classical” umbrella is actually a huge diversity of music, particularly if you compare music from 1910 to 1610, but in modern times, they’re both considered “classical.” With my #46 entry, Conan the Barbarian, I posit that we can hold modern film composers under the same scrutiny as classical composers. Now with #45, I say we can also hold composers who craft musicals with the same scrutiny. 

Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice in the late 1970s

Coming in at #45 on my list is Andrew Lloyd Webber’s amazing musical, Evita. He certainly employs a lot of classical techniques in crafting this masterpiece. I only knew “Don’t Cry For Me Argentina” growing up, as my father created a mix cassette which included the radio version, and I didn’t know the rest of the musical until Alan Parker’s 1996 film, which I love. It’s a flawed film, but both Madonna and Antonio Banderas were amazing in their respective roles. 

While I never saw her perform Evita, personally, I’ll go with everyone else’s recommendations and say Patti LuPone’s interpretation of Evita might probably be the best. So here is Patti LuPone and cast sing one scene from Evita at the 1980 Tony Awards. 

#45 – Webber Evita

#46 – Poledouris Conan The Barbarian

#47 – Bernstein Trouble in Tahiti

#48 – Beethoven Symphony No. 5 in C minor, Op. 67

#49 – Chaminade La Lisonjera, Op. 50

#50 – Beethoven Coriolan Overture, Op. 62

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